I was suprised when I looked today and realised how long it is since I last posted. The autumn and winter months seem to have flown by so fast but then it is not surprising when I think about it. I have been ensconced in a lot of work using the Sibelius program and whilst that has been very rewarding, it has been like living in another world for a while!

Social Feedback

The last few months has also seen my Facebook page audience grow to over 13,000 followers and my YouTube Channel has a bigger following too with over 3,000 subscribers. It means a lot to receive support like this and I will certainly try to share more new music and video material over the coming months.

Here is one of my videos which recently picked up in popularity:

Orchestral Performances

A News item about the Edel Rhapsody may also be on the horizon as I await confirmation of two concert¬† performances in the United States.¬† I’m really excited about that!

This week my Facebook page reached the milestone of 1,000 Likes and I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to that. It means a lot to know that people enjoy my music.

One of the biggest surprises has been the response from Facebook users in Brazil. They clearly have a BIG passion for music and have left lots of kind comments on my 2 recent video clips:

Obrigado a meus amigos no Brasil!