Return To Wine Dark Sea Stephen CaudelReturn to Wine Dark Sea  *NEW ALBUM*

Almost 3 years in the making, Return to Wine Dark Sea features Stephen Caudel playing classical and electric guitars and recording over 100 orchestral parts. Epic reworking of his original orchestral score. This new CD also features new material including the opening ‘Prelude’. Available in both card case and jewel case.

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Reflections in Blue CDReflections in Blue

Featuring Guitar and Orchestra, Reflections in Blue is an album of personal reflections on times and places in Stephen Caudel’s life. The music incorporates elements of Classical, Jazz and Blues with each track telling its own story.

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The Earth in TurquoiseThe Earth in Turquoise

The Earth in Turquoise is an emotive Arthurian epic. A ‘Symphonic Rock Poem’  full of soaring guitar solos and orchestral interludes graphically depicting the legend of King Arthur. A recording of epic proportion – a simulation of full symphony orchestra plus choirs and Rock Section featuring Stephen’s emotive Guitar style on both Classical and Electric Guitars.

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Edel Rhapsody for Wagner Tuba & OrchestraThe Edel Rhapsody

Orchestral work for Solo B-flat Tenor Wagner Tuba and Orchestra (World Premiere 1993 Carlisle Cathedral). Score revised 2015. New recording now available. (Single track: 10 mins)

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Bow of Burning GoldBow of Burning Gold

A musical celebration of an ideal past, a time of magic and wonder, romance and adventure. The melodic and harmonic threads of each composition are woven into a colourful tapestry portraying a glorious time that never was but should have been. Classical Guitars and keyboards.

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Impromptu RomanceImpromptu Romance

Features music from some of the world’s greatest romantic composers. In these, as well as in his own two compositions: ‘Oliver’ and ‘Fantasie’, Stephen has endeavoured to evoke the atmosphere of a late 19th-century salon recital where the composer was often the performer and improviser and emotive power was the order of the day.

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Scaramouche represents a departure from Stephen Caudel’s usual symphonic style of composition. It came about as a natural development of guitar collaborations with talented classical/Latin American guitarist: Tim Panting. Features both original compositions and classics from jazz, blues and popular guitar. (Album)

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Wine Dark SeaWine Dark Sea (NO LONGER AVAILABLE)

First album release (1986). Guitars and synthesizer arrangement of Stephen’s 1983 orchestral score of the same name.