Lonely Streets (Plight Of The Homeless)

When ‘Reflections in Blue‘ was released last November, I explained that the album is a collection of pieces inspired by strong memories and atmospheric events in my life. Today I’d like to share with you a new video and also the story behind the music.

‘Lonely Streets’

When I lived in London many years ago, I often frequented the South Bank either to watch concerts and rehearsals or to sometimes to perform in concert myself. There was one notable evening after performing at the Purcell Rooms when I had to walk through an underpass nearby and was shocked at the number of homeless people sleeping rough. I remember it vividly as it was a miserable, wet night and they were huddled up in cardboard boxes.

When I was writing the new album, the memory echoed strongly when I chanced upon an article about the plight of the homeless in New York. I was shocked to learn that the New York municipal shelter system houses over 61,000 homeless people including over 24,000 children every night of the week.

So I created the music and the video in the hope more people will become aware of the problem of homelessness.

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