At last I can confirm that the new album is ready for release. Just a few finishing touches to add to the artwork (which I decided to do myself) and it’s off to the pressing plant!

Release date currently set at 11 November.

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As mentioned in a previous post, I was kept busy this winter recording a new album of music for guitar and orchestra. It’s unlike anything I’ve done before and I’m delighted with the ‘journey’ it has so far taken me on. I just have the final mix to complete and it would have been ready earlier but for having to devote time to another project.

My Edel Rhapsody for solo Bflat Wagner Tuba and Orchestra has been generating a lot of interest with many requests throughout last year for a piano reduction of the score. There are many Wagner Tuba players who don’t have ready access to an orchestra and conductor yet who want to play the music.

So I decided to do what, to be honest, I should have done well before now. It was one of those tasks where you find yourself thinking ‘Yes, that’s it, finished!’ but then reflect and decide on further refinements but the good news is that it is now complete and I’m very happy with it.

Having a version for Wagner Tuba and Piano is going to allow many more players to enjoy performing the music. Follow the link for details on how to obtain the sheet music.

Now back to that mix ….

Stephen Caudel - Composer and GuitaristWelcome to my new website which I hope you’ll find easy to navigate and full of information about my musical activities. As some of you will already know, I’ve had a lot of time away from music not by choice but mainly due to family circumstances.

New Recordings

In the past few months I have once again been working pretty much full time on music with the production of a recording of my Edel Rhapsody for Wagner Tuba and Orchestra which can be heard here.

At the moment I’m recording a new album containing material written many years ago plus some brand-new tracks as well. I hope to complete this new album by the New Year and will post updates to it on my Facebook page.

CDs For Sale

On the subject of albums, this new website for the first time has all my previously recorded CDs for sale. So if you want to get hold of any of these please visit the Music page here.

New Video

Before I go I would just add that I have posted a new video onto my videos page just in time for Halloween which I think pretty much fits with the theme. It’s a Gothic fantasy created using music from ‘Gargantuan’ (Earth in Turquoise album).  Here’s the link

Hope you enjoy it……